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If you have been to certain beauty salons, you have probably noticed that some of them have showcases with cosmetics on display. In some cases, this is providing the client with the opportunity to choose the products that will be used when working with him - this is especially true for large beauty salons that have a fairly wide range of cosmetics, nail polishes, hair dyes, etc. And in some cases, shop windows turn into a good source of income.

The fact is that some salons use exclusive cosmetics of certain companies. And many clients, Coming to the spa center for a procedure and enjoying a bath with a pleasant smell, probably think that it would be nice to buy something similar for home use. As well as a girl who has had a beautiful make-up, she may want to purchase certain cosmetics. Massage creams, decorative cosmetics, face and body skin care products, hair masks - the list is endless.

In this case, the showcase is needed in order to provide the customer with a good overview of the offered product range. As statistics show, having a window display can increase the income of a beauty salon by up to 25 percent! In this case, all that is required of you is to choose and install the showcase correctly. And this is where the difficulties begin.

First, which display case should you choose? It is worth noting that in this case it all depends on the design style of your salon and, of course, on the expected size of the window. Most often show-windows are made of glass, plastic, a tree or metal can give additional durability of a design. Regardless of the choice of window display, remember that it should attract attention. This is achieved with the help of special lighting, as well as the location of the showcase in the right place.

Where to place the showcase? It would be quite logical to place it in a waiting area in a conspicuous place. Place products in the showcase in such a way that the entire range of products is clearly visible to the client. In addition, the window should be well lit.

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