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The main equipment of the master during the manicure procedure, of course, is a manicure table cues . After all, not only the first impression of the salon and the office depends on it, but also the level of convenience of the client and the master, and, accordingly, the quality of service of the first to the second. As a rule, a manicure table serves not only as a work surface, but also as a location for all other equipment, namely a lamp, a sterilizer, an oven, manicure tools and, of course, directly varnishes - the main attribute of most manicure procedures.

Of course, far from all the equipment is located on the surface of the table - most of it is folded into boxes - therefore, you will have to pay attention to their ease of placement. The best option, according to most masters, is the location of the drawers in a separate cabinet, which can be easily moved thanks to the wheels - this provides additional mobility and greater functionality in the process. The opinion of a specialist in this case has a decisive weight - it is best to choose a table based on his wishes and preferences. That is why some salons prefer to buy a custom-made manicure table .

When choosing a table for a manicure, you should immediately select a chair and a master’s table for it in such a way that they harmoniously combine with each other not only in appearance, but also in some working moments - it should be convenient to use the chair with this table. Of course, in addition to the table and chair, it would be best to immediately purchase a manicure trolley equipped with special drawers for tools and materials, as well as its own small table, which will increase the working space. The presence of additional equipment, of course, is not necessary, but in this case it will be more convenient for the master to work, and, accordingly, the quality of customer service will increase.

When choosing a table for manicure , you should not be limited only by its appearance. Of course, the table should fit in with the overall interior and color design of the room, but the leading selection criteria should be the quality of the product, ease of use and, of course, the price. Of course, a good manicure table will cost more than a Chinese fake, but it will serve your salon much longer.

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