In the range of services of any beauty salon or spa center, you can find a fairly wide range of face and body care services. If your salon is no exception, it becomes clear that the primary task in the presence of such services is to ensure the comfort of clients during the procedure. And this is best done with the help of special equipment, such as a beauty couch. What is it and what is it for?

First of all, the availability of professional equipment is a high indicator of the quality of customer service. If you buy a cosmetology couch , then thanks to the capabilities of this equipment you can provide the client with the most comfortable body position during the procedure due to the ability to adjust such important parameters as the backrest tilt, the height of the headrest and footrest.

The range of couches in our time is quite wide and includes three main types - folding, stationary and electric. Folding ones are very convenient to use in wellness centers with a small area of \u200b\u200bthe room, since in this case the problem of storing the couch when folded is most advantageously solved. Also, folding couches are often used by beauticians to work at home. Stationary couches of various shapes and sizes are purchased for large spa centers and salons - they can be made of different materials, and a wide selection of shades will make it possible to choose couches that are most suitable for the overall interior of the room. Couches with an electric lift are new and therefore quite expensive, and therefore this version of special furniture is used to decorate VIP lounges and offices.

When choosing a cosmetic couch , one should take into account such aspects as ease of use, material and color of the product, as well as the presence or absence of additional functions that facilitate the operation of the device. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the mandatory presence of a backrest height regulator, a head roller, the presence of a headrest (removable or built-in). For electric couches, it will be useful to have a remote control. Despite the fact that all these additional features are not vital, they will create additional comfort for the client and provide maximum convenience for the master.

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