Hardware cosmetology provides the salon business with the lion's share of income. Modern methods for correcting aesthetic imperfections of the figure and face require choosing only high-quality, reliable and safe professional cosmetology equipment for cosmetology equipment , and you can purchase it in this section of our online store.

There is a conditional classification of all devices and equipment for cosmetology - classic models with additional modernized functions or completely new developments.

  •          Opening a new salon or creating a beauty parlor in an existing establishment requires traditional equipment with basic functions.
  •          Innovative developments will become relevant if your goal is to increase competitive advantage or expand the range of services. The image of the salon will be significantly enhanced by high-class ergonomic, efficient and safe equipment.

The level of professionalism and decency of the seller company is half the success when you buy equipment and devices for cosmetology . The second half of success depends on how competently you can prepare your premises for the installation of devices. The main requirement for the use of physiotherapy equipment is the presence of an isolated room with a frame made of wooden or plastic racks or metal pipes free from grounding.

Laser devices must be installed in a room that corresponds to the laser hazard class, the surface of the interior finish must be matte, mirrors are prohibited. Apparatuses of the first and second class do not require separate rooms, while individual rooms should be allocated for units of the third and fourth classes, they also need to issue a sanitary passport.

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